About us

Padma Art was established in 1996. This is a story of dreams coming true. A group of young creative people began their adventure with framing of pictures and decorative matboard manufacturing. The company was growing rapidly so the entire production had to be moved from Augustów to Suwałki. The genuine manufacturing plant emerged in 2004.

The year 2008 was a breaking point. Two people have met. People of passion, courage, experience and heads full of new ideas.

The same year we started cooperation with IKEA – the world leader in home decoration and furnishing.

With continuous production grow our team of professionals have expended. The top of the line machine park grew bigger. To meet the increasing demand from the customer the second plant PADMA was created.

Currently, the company employs total of 1400 people. Dedicated specialists and production professionals are ready to meet growing expectations of our customers.
Our main objective is to provide top quality products at the best possible price.

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